Phase Composition and Wear Resistance of Cr$_{x}$MnFeCoNiCu High-Entropy Alloys

O. M. Myslyvchenko

I. M. Frantsevich Institute for Problems in Materials Science, NAS of Ukraine, 3 Academician Krzhyzhanovsky Str., UA-03142 Kyiv, Ukraine

Received: 06.09.2018; final version - 18.02.2019. Download: PDF

The work is devoted to the investigation of the phase composition and dry abrasive wear resistance of Cr$_{x}$MnFeCoNiCu high-entropy alloys. In the experiment, the alloys of the Cr$_{x}$MnFeCoNiCu system (where $x$ = 0, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 in molar ratio) obtained by the arc melting method are used. Alloys with a chromium content of 0 to 1 in molar ratio consist of simple solid solutions; with further increase in the chromium content an intermetallic sigma-phase with a structure of the FeCr type is formed. The low mass loss of Cr$_{2}$MnFeCoNiCu and Cr$_{3}$MnFeCoNiCu alloys in the wear resistance test is explained by the presence of an intermetallic phase in their structure.

Key words: high-entropy alloy, phase composition, wear resistance, sigma-phase, hardness.



PACS: 61.05.cp, 61.66.Dk, 62.20.Qp,, 81.40.Pq

Citation: O. M. Myslyvchenko, Phase Composition and Wear Resistance of Cr$_{x}$MnFeCoNiCu High-Entropy Alloys, Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol., 41, No. 7: 889—896 (2019) (in Ukrainian)

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