Peculiarities of Steel–Babbitt Surface Interaction under Ultimate Friction in a Magnetic Field

М. М. Svyryd$^{1}$, О. Y. Sydorenko$^{1}$, V. V. Kozlov$^{1}$, S. V. Cherepov$^{2}$

$^{1}$National Aviation University, 1 Lyubomyr Huzar Ave., UA-03058 Kyiv, Ukraine
$^{2}$Institute of Magnetism under NAS and MES of Ukraine, 36b Academician Vernadsky Blvd., UA-03142 Kyiv, Ukraine

Received: 07.07.2021. Download: PDF

The method of saturation of the friction surface with the donor material in non-conductive solutions and oils is presented. The local influence of the magnetic field (MF) on the physical model of the friction mechanism (babbit coating Б83 (paramagnetic class) in oil М10Г2к on hardened steel 45 (ferromagnet)) according to the shaft–liner contact scheme is investigated. The magnetic susceptibility of М10Г2к oil before and after operation of the friction unit is determined, where the highest indicators of magnetic susceptibility of oil in the spent sample are noted. The influence of the action of the directed energy of the MF on the creation of a nanostructured coating on the ferromagnetic shaft (ст45) and the retention of the paramagnetic material of the babbitt liner is investigated. The magnetic-dynamic effect of the mechanism of ‘prowling’ by the products of wear of the insertion site on the friction surface of small wear particles in the intersurface working space ‘steel shaft–insert Б83’ is established. The effect of the mechanism of separation of paramagnetic material on the ferromagnetic surface during the formation of protective films on the friction surfaces is noted. The intensity of the coating under which the conditions of wear resistance of babbitt are maintained is determined. It is established that the intensity of wear under the influence of MF decreases by 1.5–2 times.

Key words: bearing, friction, magnetic field, nanostructure, wear products.



PACS: 46.55.+d,, 62.20.Qp, 64.60.-i, 68.35.Af, 75.70.-i

Citation: М. М. Svyryd, О. Y. Sydorenko, V. V. Kozlov, and S. V. Cherepov, Peculiarities of Steel–Babbitt Surface Interaction under Ultimate Friction in a Magnetic Field, Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol., 44, No. 3: 365—382 (2022)

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