Volume 35, Issue 1

  • Electronic Structure and Properties
    • Electronic Structure and X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroismin(Zn,T)O(T=V,Fe,Co) Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
      L. V. Bekenov, D. V. Mazur, V. N. Antonov, L. P. Germash, and A. Ernst
      vol. 35, pp. 1-17 (2013)

    • Pseudogap and Local Pairs in High-T$_{c}$ Superconductors
      A. L. Solovjov and M. A. Tkachenko
      vol. 35, pp. 19-26 (2013)

    • Quantization of Current in High-Inductance Contour with an Interferometer
      S. I. Bondarenko, L. V. Gnezdilova, V. P. Koverya, and A. V. Krevsun
      vol. 35, pp. 27-36 (2013)

    • Josephson Junctions with Various Transparency Distribution Functions on the Base of Two-Band Superconductors
      V. Eh. Shaternik, T. O. Prikhna, M. O. Belogolovskii, A. P. Shapovalov, and A. V. Shaternik
      vol. 35, pp. 37-43 (2013)

    • Magnetic Field Effect on Supercurrent in Josephson $\pi/2$-Junction: Allowance for Spin Splitting
      E. A. Koshina and V. N. Krivoruchko
      vol. 35, pp. 45-63 (2013)

    • Pinning and Vortexes’ Dynamics in 3D Anisotropic Superconductors with Linear Defects
      O. L. Kasatkin and V. P. Tsvetkovskiy
      vol. 35, pp. 65-84 (2013)

  • Metallic Surfaces and Films
    • Influence of Sublayers of Germanium on a Threshold of Percolation of a Current in Thin Films of Copper
      R. I. Bigun, M. D. Buchkovs’ka, N. S. Koltun, Z. V. Stasyuk, and D. S. Leonov
      vol. 35, pp. 85-93 (2013)

  • Crystal-Lattice Defects
    • On Derivation of Fokker—Planck Equation
      L. V. Tanatarov
      vol. 35, pp. 95-111 (2013)

  • Physics of Strength and Plasticity
    • Autowaves of Plastic Flow Localization and Hall—Petch Relationship in Polycrystalline Al
      L. B. Zuev, N. V. Zarikovskaya, S. A. Barannikova, and G. V. Shlyakhova
      vol. 35, pp. 113-127 (2013)

    • Regularities of Change in Strain Hardening Exponent of Structural Titanium Alloys at Nonuniform Deformation
      O. M. Ivasishin, P. E. Markovskiy, S. A. Kotrechko, Yu. Ya. Meshkov, and A. V. Shiyan
      vol. 35, pp. 129-141 (2013)