Volume 35, Issue 2

  • Amorphous and Liquid States
    • Features of the Atomic Structure of Amorphous Materials in a Temperature Range from −193 to +598°С
      O. G. Il’inskii, Yu. V. Lepeeva, V. L. Karbivs’kyy, G. M. Zelinska, T. M. Khrystenko, S. S. Lugovskii, and A. M. Babenko
      vol. 35, pp. 145-161 (2013)

  • Metallic Surfaces and Films
    • New Method and Tool for TEM Samples Preparation
      D. Boguslavsky, V. Cherepin, Y. Polubotko, and C. Smith
      vol. 35, pp. 163-173 (2013)

    • Simulations of Diffusion and Ordering Processes in Au/Cu Thin Film System by Mean Field Kinetics Method
      S. I. Sydorenko, S. M. Voloshko, S. A. Zamulko, and A. A. Tynkova
      vol. 35, pp. 175-185 (2013)

  • Crystal-Lattice Defects
    • Grain Boundary Junctions in Polycrystalline Silicon Films
      O. T. Bogorosh, S. O. Voronov, I. O. Shmatko, and O. A. Shmatko
      vol. 35, pp. 187-197 (2013)

    • Analysis of Graphitization Process in Iron—Carbon Alloys on the Basis of Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes
      S. V. Bobyr
      vol. 35, pp. 199-208 (2013)

    • Study of Ordering in Fe—25%Al—Cr Alloys by Dilatometry, Heat Flow and Mechanical Spectroscopy
      Z. Belamri, D. Hamana, I. S. Golovin, and I. B. Chudakov
      vol. 35, pp. 209-223 (2013)

  • Structure and Properties of Nanoscale and Mesoscopic Materials
    • Inconel MA758: New Nanostructured Superalloy. Acoustical and Mechanical Properties in the Temperature Range 4.2—310K
      K. A. Yushchenko, Yu. O. Semerenko, O. D. Tabachnikova, O. V. Podolskiy, L. V. Skibina, S. M. Smirnov, and V. S. Savchenko
      vol. 35, pp. 225-231 (2013)

  • Physics of Strength and Plasticity
    • Changes in Structure and Regularities of Copper Hardening under Screw Extrusion
      V. M. Varyukhin, O. G. Pashinska, V. M. Tkachenko, and M. M. Myshlyaev
      vol. 35, pp. 233-239 (2013)

    • Effect of Friction Time on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Welded AISI 304 Stainless Steel to AISI 1060 Steel
      Hakan Ates and Nihat Kaya
      vol. 35, pp. 241-252 (2013)

    • Kinetics of Stress Relaxation in Armco-Iron after Surface Hardening by Steel Roller and Different Modes of Artificial Strain Ageing
      V. P. Alekhin
      vol. 35, pp. 253-258 (2013)

    • Relaxation Processes in 06H16N15M3B Steel under Ultrasonic Exposure
      O. J. Volchok, A. V. Pakhomov, V. I. Sokolenko, and N. A. Chernyak
      vol. 35, pp. 259-264 (2013)

    • Relaxation of Magnetosensitive Impurities in Single-Crystalline Silicon
      V. А. Makara, L. P. Steblenko, S. M. Bokoch, А. M. Kuryliuk, and Iu. L. Kobzar
      vol. 35, pp. 265-278 (2013)

  • Electronic Structure and Properties
    • Electronic Structure of GdMeO$_{3}$ (Me = V, Ni) Oxides: X-Ray Photoelectron and X-Ray Fluorescence Spectra and Band Structure Calculations
      V. M. Uvarov, M. P. Mel’nyk, M. V. Uvarov, V. S. Mykhalenkov, and T. L. Syzova
      vol. 35, pp. 279-294 (2013)