Volume 35, Issue 10

  • Electronic Structure and Properties
    • Spin Waves in a Thin Ferromagnetic Nanoshell. Regard for Dissipation Effects
      Yu. I. Gorobets and V. V. Kulish
      vol. 35, pp. 1307-1317 (2013)

  • Crystal-Lattice Defects
    • Atomic Structure in the Vicinity of Nanovoids and Features of These Defects
      A. B. Germanov, I. V. Ershova, E. V. Kislitskaya, A. V. Nazarov, and A. G. Zaluzhnyi
      vol. 35, pp. 1319-1331 (2013)

    • Structural Changes in the GGG Single Crystals Implanted with Не$^{+}$ Ions During Natural Ageing
      B. K. Ostafiychuk, І. P. Yaremiy, S. І. Yaremiy, V. D. Fedoriv, M. M. Umantsiv, U. O. Tomyn, and O. S. Skakunova
      vol. 35, pp. 1333-1345 (2013)

    • On the Nature of the Random-Orientation Grains in the Welds of Single-Crystal Heat-Resistant Nickel Alloys
      K. A. Yushchenko, B. A. Zaderiy, I. S. Gakh, A. V. Zvyagintseva, and O. P. Karasevskaya
      vol. 35, pp. 1347-1357 (2013)

    • Local Deformations in the Vicinity of Welded-Joint Crack of Nickel Alloy Determined with Use of Fourier Transform of the Kikuchi Patterns
      M. D. Borcha, A. V. Zvyagintseva, V. M. Tkach, K. A. Yushchenko, S. V. Balovsyak, I. M. Fodchuk, and V. Yu. Khomenko
      vol. 35, pp. 1359-1370 (2013)

  • Physics of Strength and Plasticity
    • Nonuniformity of Macroproperties of Solid as a Manifestation of Imperfect Elasticity of Constructional Material
      G. G. Pisarenko, A. N. Maylo, A. V. Voynalovich, Yu. M. Rodichev, V. E. Bodunov, and D. S. Avramenko
      vol. 35, pp. 1371-1382 (2013)

    • Wear Resistance of Cobalt—Carbide Eutectic Alloy under Conditions of Gas-Dynamic Loading
      G. P. Dmitrieva and T. S. Cherepova
      vol. 35, pp. 1383-1390 (2013)

  • Metallic Surfaces and Films
    • Hardening of Surface Layer on Al—6Mg Aluminium Alloy, Using Complex Effects of Electric Spark and Ultrasonic Impact Treatments
      G. I. Prokopenko, B. M. Mordyuk, V. F. Mazanko, M. O. Iefimov, and N. A. Piskun
      vol. 35, pp. 1391-1406 (2013)

    • Investigation and Optimization of Diamond Smoothing Technology as Applied to Stainless Steel Details for Aircraft Engines and Aggregates
      A. I. Dolmatov, A. A. Kabatov, and M. A. Kurin
      vol. 35, pp. 1407-1423 (2013)

    • Influence of Cu on Formation of Chemically Ordered $L1_{0}$(FePt) Phase in Nanoscale Fe$_{50}$Pt$_{50}$/Cu/Fe$_{50}$Pt$_{50}$ Films on SiO$_{2}$/Si(001) Substrate
      Yu. M. Makogon, O. P. Pavlova, S. I. Sidorenko, T. I. Verbytska, I. A. Vladymyrskyi, and O. V. Figurna
      vol. 35, pp. 1425-1436 (2013)

  • Phase Transformations
    • Sm$_{2}$Co$_{17}$ Microstructure Changes During Disproportionation in Hydrogen
      I. I. Bulyk, V. V. Burkhovetskyi, V. Yu. Tarenkov, and P. Ya. Lyutyy
      vol. 35, pp. 1437-1449 (2013)