Experimental Study of Energy-Power Parameters of Billet Rolling of Compressor Blades of Aircraft Engines

V. V. Chigirinsky$^{1}$, Y. S. Kresanov$^{2}$, I. E. Volokitina$^{1}$

$^{1}$Rudny Industrial Institute, 38 50 Let Oktyabrya Str, KZ-111500 Rudny, Kazakhstan
$^{2}$АО «Мотор Сич», просп. Моторостроителей, 15, 69068 Запорожье, Украина

Получена: 29.12.2022; окончательный вариант - 12.01.2023. Скачать: PDF

The article presents experimental studies to determine the force and torque during die rolling of blades’ billets of steel 14Х17Н2-Ш in the industrial mill of ‘Motor Sich’ JSC with different lubricants and conditions of metal sticking on the rolls. Experimental results confirm the effect of lubrication on the energy-power parameters of the process. However, the reduction in rolling force is not always accompanied by the reduction in metal sticking to the rolls. A more effective lubricant with good shielding properties is the barium chloride melt with relatively low roll pressures (of 520–570 kN) and a clean, defect-free metal surface. Analysis of the effect of the force and torque rolling shows that, during the rolling process of one period with the increase and decrease of reduction for different blade billet designs, the distribution of contact normal pressures along the length of the strain zone at each point of time changes that affects the force and torque. Experimental data show that the distribution of contact pressures during die rolling is determined by reduction, contact friction, through forward motion, as well as factors related to the non-uniformity of plastic strain along the length and height of the strip. The effect of shear strain can be used during designing the technology and shape of workpieces for compressor blades.

Ключевые слова: blade, aircraft engine, energy-power parameters, rolling, billets.

URL: https://mfint.imp.kiev.ua/ru/abstract/v45/i04/0467.html

PACS: 46.70.-p, 62.20.-x, 62.40.+i, 81.20.Wk, 83.50.-v

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