Influence of Mechanical Properties of a Material on Dynamics of the Stuck Drilling Pipes

K. G. Levchuk, V. M. Moisyshyn, I. V. Tsidylo

Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, 15 Karpatska Str., 76019 Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Received: 06.06.2016; final version - 07.11.2016. Download: PDF

The mathematical model for describing strength properties of metal pipes under the shock loads’ influence is proposed. An analytical solution of the dynamical problem of elastic vibrations of stuck drilling pipe with integrated mechanical jar is obtained. Based on results of numerical simulation, the strength of stuck metal pipe is assessed with taking into account elastoplastic material properties. The guidelines for the selection of material for piping drill rigs are represented.

Key words: elastic waves, tensile strength, plasticity, ultimate strength, drill string, metal pipe, sticking.



PACS: 46.15.-x, 46.40.-f, 62.30.+d, 81.40.Jj, 81.40.Np, 81.70.Bt, 83.60.La, 83.60.Uv

Citation: K. G. Levchuk, V. M. Moisyshyn, and I. V. Tsidylo, Influence of Mechanical Properties of a Material on Dynamics of the Stuck Drilling Pipes, Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol., 38, No. 12: 1655—1668 (2016) (in Ukrainian)

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