Microcreep-Resistance and Long-Term Strength of the Zirconium-Based Alloys with Nanophase Strengthening

V. G. Tkachenko$^{1}$, O. I. Kondrashev$^{1}$, O. M. Malka$^{1}$, P. M. Romanko$^{1}$, O. I. Dekhtyar$^{2}$, V. I. Bondarchuk$^{2}$

$^{1}$I. M. Frantsevich Institute for Problems in Materials Science, NAS of Ukraine, 3 Academician Krzhyzhanovsky Str., UA-03142 Kyiv, Ukraine
$^{2}$G.V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics, NAS of Ukraine, 36 Academician Vernadsky Blvd., UA-03142 Kyiv, Ukraine

Received: 09.08.2017. Download: PDF

Dispersion strengthening behaviour of zirconium-based alloys of the Zr–1.5Sn–1Nb system containing nanoparticles of ZrO$_2$ (less than 5 nm) is studied in the as-cast (after electro-arc melting) and wrought conditions using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, electron microscopy as well as constant-rate tensile tests and differential-stress creep experiments. The obtained results indicate that nanostrengthened alloys at 673 K are more creep resistant than their age-hardened and precipitation strengthening counterparts. Their features have substantial desirable improvements in creep resistance and long-term strength with increasing of ZrO$_2$-nanoparticles’ concentration in a range from 0.3% to 1.2% due to the greater thermal resistance of their heterogeneous structure. The most probable mechanism of nanodispersion strengthening is assumed similar to known one as thermally activated detachment of interfacial dislocations from dispersoids according to current theoretical Rosler–Azrt–Wilkinson concept. These results could be useful for manufacturing the fuel elements (clad tubes) for the nuclear power engineering.

Key words: nanophase strengthening, dispersive strengthening, strength, plasticity, creep.

URL: http://mfint.imp.kiev.ua/en/abstract/v39/i10/1321.html

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/mfint.39.10.1321

PACS: 28.41.Bm, 61.82.Bg, 62.20.fq, 62.20.Hg, 62.23.Pq, 81.05.Ni, 81.40.Lm

Citation: V. G. Tkachenko, O. I. Kondrashev, O. M. Malka, P. M. Romanko, O. I. Dekhtyar, and V. I. Bondarchuk, Microcreep-Resistance and Long-Term Strength of the Zirconium-Based Alloys with Nanophase Strengthening, Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol., 39, No. 10: 1321—1334 (2017) (in Russian)

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