Volume 33, Issue 2

  • Electronic Structure and Properties
    • Electronic and Transport Properties of Small Carbon Clusters
      D. A. Luzhbin
      vol. 33, pp. 141-148 (2011)

    • Phenomenological Theory of Giant Magnetoresistive Effect in Mono- and Polycrystalline Sandwich
      Yu. O. Shkurdoda and L. V. Dekhtyaruk
      vol. 33, pp. 149-159 (2011)

  • Metallic Surfaces and Films
    • Structure and Magnetoresistive Properties of Polycrystalline Co/Cu/Co Films
      V. B. Loboda, Yu. O. Shkurdoda, V. O. Kravchenko, S. M. Khursenko, and V. M. Kolomiets’
      vol. 33, pp. 161-169 (2011)

    • Mechanisms of the Surface Scattering of Current Carriers from Tb Submonolayers Adsorbed on a Mo(110) Surface
      O. A. Panchenko, S. V. Sologub, and I. V. Borde­nyuk
      vol. 33, pp. 171-182 (2011)

    • Size Dependence of Resistivity of Three-Layer Polycrystalline Ni/Al/Ni Films
      A. G. Basov, Yu. O. Shkurdoda, L. V. Dekhtyaruk, and A. M. Chornous
      vol. 33, pp. 183-194 (2011)

    • Formation of Phase Composition and Structure in CoSb3-Antimonide-Based Nanoscale Films—Functional Elements of Thermoelectric Devices
      Yu. M. Makogon, O. P. Pavlova, S. I. Sydorenko, G. Beddies, M. Daniel, T. I. Verbyts’ka, S. E. Bog­danov, and R. A. Shkarban’
      vol. 33, pp. 195-202 (2011)

    • Structure of Ni–Cu Condensates Fabricated by Ion Sputtering of Compound Rods
      V. I. Perekrestov, S. M. Kravchenko, Yu. O. Kos­mins’ka, and I. M. Kononenko
      vol. 33, pp. 203-210 (2011)

    • Nanostructured States in Films Deposited with Laser Ablation of Ni–Pd and Ni–Au Composite Targets
      O. G. Bagmut, I. O. Bagmut, V. A. Zhuchkov, and I. G. Shipkova
      vol. 33, pp. 211-222 (2011)

    • Unitized Ion-Plasma Processing Equipment for Fabrication of Nanostructures
      V. F. Semenyuk, Eh. M. Rudenko, I. V. Korotash, L. S. Osipov, D. Yu. Polotskiy, K. P. Shamray, V. V. Odinokov, G. Ya. Pavlov, and V. A. Sologub
      vol. 33, pp. 223-231 (2011)

    • Features of Formation of Electric-Spark Discharge Multilayer Coatings on Armco Iron
      K. M. Khranovs’ka
      vol. 33, pp. 233-237 (2011)

    • Tunnelling Microscopy of Formation Processes of Hexagonal-Pyramidal Au Nanoislands on Silicon Single-Crystal Surface
      V. L. Karbivs’kyy, V. V. Vyshnyak, N. A. Kurgan, and V. Kh. Kasiyanenko
      vol. 33, pp. 239-246 (2011)

  • Crystal-Lattice Defects
    • Fractal Dislocation as One of Nonclassical Structural Objects in Nanoscale Systems
      V. S. Abramov
      vol. 33, pp. 247-251 (2011)

    • Influence of Hydrogen on Indicatory Surface of Inelastic-Elastic Ti$_{0.5}$Al$_{0.5}$-Alloy Body
      A. P. Onanko
      vol. 33, pp. 253-261 (2011)

  • Physics of Strength and Plasticity
    • Microhardness of H.C.P. Metals and Micromechanisms of Plastic Deformation
      P. Yu. Volosevych, S. A. Bespalov, and V. O. Tin’­kov
      vol. 33, pp. 263-279 (2011)