Volume 33, Issue 5

  • Electronic Structure and Properties
    • Ab Initio Calculation of Electronic Structure, Fermi Surface, and Dynamic Properties of Yttrium
      S. M. Sichkar and V. M. Antonov
      vol. 33, pp. 569-576 (2011)

    • Ab Initio Calculation of Electronic Structure of H.C.P. Zr–Nb and Zr + Vacancies Alloys
      V. O. Kharchenko
      vol. 33, pp. 577-589 (2011)

    • Quantum-Statistical Model of Fe$_{1−x}$Ni$_{x}$. 1. Electrons, Phonons, Invar Behaviour, and Nanobits
      O. I. Mitsek and V. M. Pushkar
      vol. 33, pp. 591-613 (2011)

    • Magnetometric Analysis of surface layers of 12Х18Н10Т Steel After Ion-Beam Nitriding
      Z. A. Duryagina, S. A. Bespalov, A. K. Borysyuk, and V. Ya. Pidkova
      vol. 33, pp. 615-622 (2011)

    • Features of Magnetoresistance of Spin-Valve Systems Based on Au/Co/Cu/Co/Au/SiO$_{2}$
      M. G. Demydenko, S. I. Protsenko, and P. Siffalovic
      vol. 33, pp. 623-630 (2011)

  • Phase Transformations
    • Thermodynamics of Formation of New-Phase Nuclei in Coherent Nanoprecipitates
      M. S. Kosenko, L. O. Olikhovska, and A. I. Ustinov
      vol. 33, pp. 631-637 (2011)

    • Fabrication of Composites Based on Shape-Memory Materials of Ni–Al and Cu–Al–Ni Powders
      G. E. Monastyrskyy, P. Yu. Portnychenko, A. V. Gil’chuk, P. Oshan, and Yu. M. Koval’
      vol. 33, pp. 639-650 (2011)

  • Amorphous and Liquid States
    • Impact of Magnetohydrodynamic Treatment of Cuprous Hypereutectic Silumins on Processes of Formation of Strengthening Nanoparticles During the Ageing
      A. L. Berezina, V. I. Dubodelov, T. O. Monastyr­ska, V. N. Fikssen, M. A. Slazhnev, and Yu. P. Sko­robagat’ko
      vol. 33, pp. 651-662 (2011)

    • Microhardness and Structure of Nanophase Composites Formed During the Heating of Amorphous Al$_{87}$Ni$_{8}$RE$_{5}$ (RE = Y, Gd) and Al$_{86}$Ni$_{8−x}$Co$_{x}$Gd$_{6}$ (x = 2, 6) Alloys
      V. V. Maslov, V. I. Tkach, V. K. Nosenko, S. G. Rassolov, V. V. Popov, V. V. Maksimov, and O. O. Segi­da
      vol. 33, pp. 663-674 (2011)

  • Physics of Strength and Plasticity
    • Formation of Nanostructured $\omega$-Phase in Deformed Metastable $\beta$-Alloys Based on Ti and Zr
      O. M. Ivasishin, A. A. Popov, O. P. Karasevska, P. E. Markovskyy, B. M. Mordyuk, I. O. Skiba, and A. G. Illarionov
      vol. 33, pp. 675-686 (2011)

    • Local Scale Effect Under Brittle Fracture of Metals
      S. O. Kotrechko and S. O. Mamedov
      vol. 33, pp. 687-705 (2011)