Volume 34, Issue 3

  • Structure and Properties of Nanoscale and Mesoscopic Materials
    • Electron Structure and Spin-Dependent Transport in Carbon Nanotubes with Chromium Impurity
      S. P. Repets’kyy, I. G. Vyshyvana, and V. V. Shastun
      vol. 34, pp. 283-299 (2012)

  • Metallic Surfaces and Films
    • Influence of Surface and Grain Boundary Scattering of Current Carriers on Electroconductivity and Thermopower of Fine-Crystalline Nickel Films of Nanometre Thickness
      R. I. Bigun, O. E. Kravchenko, Z. V. Stasyuk, and D. S. Leonov
      vol. 34, pp. 301-308 (2012)

  • Electronic Structure and Properties
    • Quantum Statistical Model of Fe$_{1-x}$Ni$_{x}$. 3. Magnons, Graphene/Permalloy Superlattices
      O. I. Mitsek and V. M. Pushkar
      vol. 34, pp. 309-330 (2012)

    • Relaxation and Refraction of Spin Waves within the CsCuCl$_{3}$-Type Multisublattice Antiferromagnet
      S. O. Reshetnyak
      vol. 34, pp. 331-340 (2012)

    • Thin and Ultrathin La$_{0.6}$Sr$_{0.2}$Mn$_{1.2}$O$_{3}$/SrTiO$_{3}$(001) Films: Dependence of Electrical and Magnetoresistive Parameters on Thickness
      T. I. Polek, O. I. Tovstolytkin, O. I. Matviyenko, and O. V. Pashchenko
      vol. 34, pp. 341-349 (2012)

    • Electron Structure of Magnesium Hydride: Pattern of Chemical Bonds and Stability of Various Phase States
      I. V. Urubkov, M. V. Uvarov, M. O. Rud’, and M. V. Nemoshkalenko
      vol. 34, pp. 351-357 (2012)

  • Phase Transformations
    • Correlation Between the Long-Range Order State and the Volume Effect Value at Structural Phase Transformation in Fe–Pt and Cerium Alloys
      Yu. M. Koval’ and S. O. Ponomaryova
      vol. 34, pp. 359-366 (2012)

    • Oscillation Mode of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS) Reactions in Multilayer Films
      O. A. Ostashevska and T. V. Zaporozhets’
      vol. 34, pp. 367-376 (2012)

    • Mathematical Model of High-Temperature Oxidation of Chromium Dilute Alloys
      O. I. Mikadze, I. G. Nakhutsrishvili, N. I. May­suradze, and G. O. Mikadze
      vol. 34, pp. 377-381 (2012)

  • Crystal-Lattice Defects
    • Design of Facility for Investigation of Location of Impurity Atoms and Defects in Single Crystals
      G. O. Vnuchenko, A. B. Kramchenkov, and V. L. Denysenko
      vol. 34, pp. 383-393 (2012)

    • Structure and Properties of F.C.C.-Fe–35% Ni Invar Alloy after Hydroextrusion
      V. M. Nadutov, D. L. Vashchuk, P. Yu. Volosevych, Ye. O. Svystunov, V. A. Beloshenko, V. Z. Spuska­nyuk, and A. A. Davidenko
      vol. 34, pp. 395-414 (2012)

  • Physics of Strength and Plasticity
    • Comparison of Solutions of Free Crack Problem in Complete and Simplified Definitions
      N. M. Antonenko
      vol. 34, pp. 415-419 (2012)

  • Amorphous and Liquid States
    • Viscosity of Bi–Tl System Melts
      A. V. Korolyshyn, A. S. Jakymovych, and V. M. Vus
      vol. 34, pp. 421-428 (2012)