Volume 34, Issue 6

  • Electronic Structure and Properties
    • Quantum-Statistical Model of Fe$_{1-x}$Ni$_{x}$. 4. Superfine Fields and Isomer Shift of $\gamma$-Spectra; Impurity, Spin, and Temperature Electrical Resistance
      O. I. Mitsek and V. M. Pushkar
      vol. 34, pp. 721-741 (2012)

  • Structure and Properties of Nanoscale and Mesoscopic Materials
    • Giant Light Absorption at Positron States in Nanocrystalline Metals
      S. I. Pokutnyi, A. P. Shpak, V. M. Uvarov, A. S. Zha­benko, and A. V. Zinovchuk
      vol. 34, pp. 743-749 (2012)

    • The Structure of Fe–Si–B-System Alloys in Liquid, Amorphous and Nanocrystalline States
      A. P. Shpak, O. G. Il’inskyi, O. I. Slukhovskyi, Yu. V. Lepeeva, G. M. Zelinska, and I. G. Kaban
      vol. 34, pp. 751-769 (2012)

    • Formation of Nanosize Crystalline Structures during Rapid Cooling of Melt and Crystallization of Amorphous Ribbon of Iron-Based Alloy with Complex Alloying
      O. Yu. Rudenko, V. K. Nosenko, V. I. Tkach, S. G. Ras­solov, M. S. Nizameev, T. M. Moiseeva, S. O. Kosty­rya, and V. V. Maksimov
      vol. 34, pp. 771-785 (2012)

  • Interactions of Radiation and Particles with Condensed Matter
    • Principles of X-Ray Diffractometry of Perturbed Surface Layers and Non-Uniformly Distributed Microdefects Commensurate with Extinction Length in Single Crystals
      V. B. Molodkin, A. I. Nizkova, Ya. V. Vasylyk, Ye. I. Bogdanov, S. V. Lizunova, S. V. Dmitriev, and V. V. Lizunov
      vol. 34, pp. 787-798 (2012)

    • Transformation of Microdefect Structure of Silicon Crystals under the Influence of Weak Magnetic Field
      T. P. Vladimirova, M. O. Vasyliev, Ye. M. Kyslov­s’kyy, V. B. Molodkin, S. J. Olikhovskyy, E. V. Ko­chelab, and O. V. Koplak
      vol. 34, pp. 799-814 (2012)

  • Metallic Surfaces and Films
    • Impact of Quenching Temperature on the Structure and Properties of Carburized 12Х2Н4МА Steel
      A. P. Cheylyakh and N. E. Karavayeva
      vol. 34, pp. 815-820 (2012)

  • Physics of Strength and Plasticity
    • Microhardness of ВТ6 Alloy after Ultrasonic Impact Treatment in Different Media
      M. O. Vasyliev, V. S. Filatova, L. F. Yatsenko, and D. V. Kozyrev
      vol. 34, pp. 821-831 (2012)

  • Phase Transformations
    • Influence of Joint Alloying with Ag and Ta on the Ability to High-Temperature Deformation and Parameters of Martensitic Transformation in Medical Purpose Alloys of Ti–Ni System
      Yu. M. Koval’, L. M. Neganov, S. M. Slipchenko, M. G. Musienko, and K. V. Slipchenko
      vol. 34, pp. 833-841 (2012)

    • Martensitic Transformations in Ferromagnetic Co–Ni–Al Alloy with Shape Memory Caused by Uniaxial Stretching
      A. M. Titenko
      vol. 34, pp. 843-854 (2012)

    • Phase Composition and Martensitic Transformation in Alloys and Fast Quenched Ribbons of Ni–Al–X (X = Co, Cu, Cr, Zr)
      Yu. M. Koval’, G. E. Monastyrskyi, V. I. Kolomy­tsev, V. V. Odnosum, P. Ochin, and T. Czeppe
      vol. 34, pp. 855-865 (2012)