Volume 34, Issue 8

  • Electronic Structure and Properties
    • Electronic Structure of Co$_{2}$Cr$_{0.6}$Fe$_{0.4}$Al Alloy and Effect of Atomic Disorder on Its Magnetic Properties
      Yu. V. Kudryavtsev, M. V. Uvarov, Yu. M. Petrov, A. K. Melnyk, and V. M. Iermolenko
      vol. 34, pp. 1013-1025 (2012)

    • Correlation Between the Sizing Features of Domain Structure and the Etching Figures of a Steel Cylinder
      O. Yu. Gorobets’, S. V. Gorobets’, and O. K. Dvoy­nenko
      vol. 34, pp. 1027-1034 (2012)

  • Structure and Properties of Nanoscale and Mesoscopic Materials
    • Influence of Magnetic Field on Formation of Ferromagnetic-Phase Nanoparticles during Ageing of Cu–Mn–Al Alloy
      V. V. Kokorin, A. O. Perekos, L. E. Kozlova, A. M. Titenko, D. O. Derecha, S. M. Konoplyuk, Yu. S. Semenova, and D. A. Troyanovskyy
      vol. 34, pp. 1035-1041 (2012)

    • Structure and Magnetoresistive Properties of Nanocrystalline Film Systems Based on Co, Fe, Ag, and Cu
      V. B. Loboda, V. M. Kolomiets, Yu. O. Shkurdoda, V. O. Kravchenko, and L. V. Dekhtyaruk
      vol. 34, pp. 1043-1055 (2012)

    • Electrical and Dielectric Features of Layered GaSe and InSe Nanocrystals Intercalated with Hydrogen
      Z. D. Kovalyuk, V. M. Kaminskii, V. V. Netyaga, V. B. Boledzyuk, M. D. Raranskyy, V. N. Balazyuk, and V. V. Shevchyk
      vol. 34, pp. 1057-1065 (2012)

    • Intercalate Nanostructures of Nonorganic Semiconductor/Lipophilic Anion Receptor Configuration
      I. I. Grygorchak, B. K. Ostafiychuk, F. O. Ivashchyshyn, V. I. Kushpir, I. I. Budzulyak, O. V. Mo­rushko, and L. S. Yablon’
      vol. 34, pp. 1067-1079 (2012)

    • dynamics of structural state of C$_{60/70}$ fullerites during high temperature annealings
      O. D. Rud’, I. M. Kir’yan, M. M. Bilyy, R. M. Niko­nova, and M. A. Merzlyakova
      vol. 34, pp. 1081-1092 (2012)

    • A Template Material Design Method for Technological Applications
      Yu. M. Barabash, D. O. Grynko, M. A. Zabolot­nyy, and Yu. I. Prylutskyy
      vol. 34, pp. 1093-1099 (2012)

    • Deformation Formation of Nanostructured Composites on the Surface of Д16 Aluminium Alloy
      S. I. Sydorenko, S. M. Voloshko, I. E. Kotenko, and A. P. Burmak
      vol. 34, pp. 1101-1115 (2012)

  • Metallic Surfaces and Films
    • Investigation of Structure Formation Mechanism of Nickel Films with Mixed Texture
      T. A. Tochitskii and A. Eh. Dmitrieva
      vol. 34, pp. 1117-1123 (2012)

  • Interactions of Radiation and Particles with Condensed Matter
    • Optimization of the Process of Laser Marking of Products Made of Tool Steel
      L. K. Lazov and N. A. Petrov
      vol. 34, pp. 1125-1131 (2012)

  • Crystal-Lattice Defects
    • Determination of Optimal Compositions of Cast Nickel–Chromium-Based Alloys with Complex Alloying and Solid-Solution Hardening for Prosthetic Dentistry
      V. G. Ivanchenko, S. P. Oshkadyorov, and S. M. Severina
      vol. 34, pp. 1133-1143 (2012)

  • Phase Transformations
    • Atomic Model of Phases Competition during Interdiffusion
      N. V. Storozhuk and A. M. Gusak
      vol. 34, pp. 1145-1162 (2012)