Volume 34, Issue 10

  • Structure and Properties of Nanoscale and Mesoscopic Materials
    • Atomic Ordering and Energy Spectrum of Graphene with Chromium Impurity
      S. P. Repetskyy, I. G. Vyshyvana, D. K. Cheshkiv­skyy, and V. A. Skotnykov
      vol. 34, pp. 1307-1315 (2012)

  • Electronic Structure and Properties
    • Critical Current of Bicrystal of High-Temperature Superconductor with Low-Angle Tilt Boundary [001]
      O. L. Kasatkin and V. P. Tsvetkovsky
      vol. 34, pp. 1317-1323 (2012)

  • Interactions of Radiation and Particles with Condensed Matter
    • Principles of Dynamical Diffractometry of Inhomogeneously Distributed Macrostrains and Microdefects in Implanted Multilayer Garnet Systems
      O. S. Skakunova, V. M. Pylypiv, S. J. Olikhovskii, T. P. Vladimirova, B. K. Ostafiychuk, V. B. Molod­kin, Ye. M. Kyslovs’kyy, O. V. Reshetnyk, O. Z. Gar­pul’, A. V. Kravets, and V. L. Makovs’ka
      vol. 34, pp. 1325-1346 (2012)

  • Crystal-Lattice Defects
    • The Influence of Formation of Complexes on the Creep of Materials under Irradiation
      T. P. Didenko and P. O. Selyshchev
      vol. 34, pp. 1347-1354 (2012)

  • Physics of Strength and Plasticity
    • Impact of Magnetic State of Austenite on the Phase and Structure Transformations of Wear-Resistant Fe–C–Mn–Cr Steels under Plastic Deformation
      G. V. Snizhnoi and S. V. Bobyr’
      vol. 34, pp. 1355-1365 (2012)

    • Comparison of Structure and Mechanical Properties of Common and Superdispersed Ag–30Ni Composites Fabricated by the Impact Sintering Method
      A. V. Laptev, L. A. Kryachko, A. I. Tolochin, D. G. Verbilo, and M. E. Golovkova
      vol. 34, pp. 1367-1384 (2012)

    • Development and Fabrication of Constructional Steels with Carbonitridation Hardening by Means of Complex Microalloying with N–Ti–Al
      A. V. Rabinovich, G. N. Tregubenko, Yu. A. Bubli­kov, G. A. Polyakov, A. V. Puchikov, and O. V. Uzlov
      vol. 34, pp. 1385-1396 (2012)

    • Structural Changes During Superplastic Deformation of AMg2M and 1933 Aluminium Alloys
      D. E. Pedun, V. P. Poyda, V. V. Bryukhovetskyy, A. V. Poyda, O. P. Kryshtal’, T. F. Sukhova, O. L. Samsonik, V. V. Lytvynenko, and E. A. Spiridonov
      vol. 34, pp. 1397-1410 (2012)

    • Procedure of Analysis of Block Structure of Deformed Objects and Its Application for Investigation of Features of Plastic-Deformation Localization Process
      B. S. Semukhin, N. A. Ploskov, and V. I. Danilov
      vol. 34, pp. 1411-1419 (2012)

    • Oscillations and Synergetic Phenomena in Crystal Subjected to Step-Wise Loading
      V. I. Zasimchuk and O. Eh. Zasimchuk
      vol. 34, pp. 1421-1429 (2012)

    • Effect of Cl$^{-}$ Concentration on Mechanical Properties of 316L Stainless Steel in H$_{2}$S/CO$_{2}$ Environments
      Shuqi Zheng, Song Chen, Yameng Qi, Liqiang Chen, and Changfeng Chen
      vol. 34, pp. 1431-1440 (2012)

  • Metallic Surfaces and Films
    • Surface Segregation in Fе$_{73.6}$Si$_{15.8}$B$_{7.2}$Cu$_{1.0}$Nb$_{2.4}$ (FINEMET) Amorphous Alloy under Different Types of Deformation
      M. O. Vasiliev, V. O. Tin’kov, S. M. Voloshko, G. G. Galstyan, and A. S. Khodakivskyi
      vol. 34, pp. 1441-1450 (2012)